Opelcz Rózsa Kertészet

High-stem roses (bush, park) selection

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Holsten Perle
(tea hybrid)

Vermilion, strong growth, popular kind.


Fragrant, plump flowers, decorates our garden all summer long with it's light-pink flowers.

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(tea hybrid)

Mid-purple, fragrant flowers and shiny green foliage.

Double Perfume
(tea hybrid)

Strongly fragrant, it can be the ornament of the garden with it's strong parfume like scent. Big, cream colored flowers with red edge.

(tea hybrid)

Orange colored fragrant flowers, popular kind.

Golden Leader
(tea hybrid)

Yellow, strong growth, slightly fragrant.

(tea hybrid)

White, slightly fragrant, strong growth.

Erika Pluhar
(tea hybrid)

Deep red, plump flowers.


Golden-red turns into burning-red, slightly fragrant, flowers grow in bouquet.



San Remo


Red Carpet


I. class: €3.5 / plant

II. class: €2.5 / plant

About Us

My floriculture is located in Szőreg, Hungary. I raise top quality high-stem roses, buy right from the gardener in a good price! I pick and sell the free-rooted high-stem roses in October with in person pickup. I take pre-orders.

Plant Care

A sunny location, careful soil care, sufficient supply of nutrients and good water supply is the premise of nice development and rich blooming. The so-called wild shoots that often appear on grafted roses are cut off using sharp pruning shears. We always do the pruning in the spring because that is the time to remove the dried and frozen branches properly from the stem. I start with a cleansing spray in the spring after pruning, just like with fruit trees. The spray should contain a mix of poltiglia bordolese (tri-base blue vitriol) and sulfur. We can protect our roses from rust (Phragmidium spp.) and powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca pannosa) with substances containing triticonazole or azoxystrobin. The black spot fungus (Diplocarpon rosae) can be treated with substances containing penconazole.

Often occuring insects are aphids, spider mites, flower thrips and rose shoot sawflies. Pesticides containing abamectin, pyridaben or diflovidazin should be used alternately against spider mines and flower thrips. Pesticides containing pymetrozine, lambda cyhalothrin or acetamiprid can be used to fight aphids.



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